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MJ Schindler, the CEO of Dogwood Fitness, is a skilled and experience speaker and presenter who knows how to convey actionable information in an exciting, entertaining, and memorable way. 


MJ has presented to businesses, student groups, and professional organizations, resulting in changed lives and rave reviews.

All lectures and workshops are customized to suit the unique needs of your group.


MJ has several prepared presentations suitable for a variety of different audiences.

She can also speak on a topic of your choosing.

Request a speaking consultation today and get ready to exceed your audience's expectations.


Fearless Awareness

Self Defense: Fearless Awareness

Meet MJ Schindler, Self Defense Bad Ass! She put together an amazing 2 hour class for my clients. They raved about it and several told me they were sore today, including me.
— Lisa Hill, Barre3, Atlanta, GA

Discover Fearless Awareness, a self-defense class that combines mindfulness, situational awareness, verbal responses, strikes, kicks, and strategic maneuvering to avoid dangerous situations and get out of harm's way.


Undo the Desk

Workplace Wellness: Undo the Desk

We had a great meeting yesterday. Thank you to Dogwood Fitness LLC for teaching us easy ways to move throughout the day to better our health.
— Alisha Rodriguez, Club President, Rotaract Club of Atlanta

Learn how to Undo the Desk and Stay Fit in a Desk-Bound World. This class teaches a simple, proven method to move more, move frequently, and move consistently. The result? Living longer and working better.


Pick Your Topic!

Pick Your Wellness TOpic

Her solo presentation was on point, entertaining and told stories to the audience rather than just pushing information at them. I would highly recommend MJ to be part of any event.
— Andy Halko, CEO, Insivia

Whether you want to learn more about exercise, lifestyle management, or nutrition optimization, MJ can put together a powerful learning experience for you and your group.