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A Note to New Clients:

The first step of your fitness journey starts with a complimentary fitness consultation. During the consultation we will:

  • Check for conditions requiring a doctor’s clearance to start an exercise program.

  • Review your medical history for conditions that need to be considered in designing your program.

  • Discuss your goals, your exercise history and how my fitness programs work.

After your consultation, we will schedule your introductory week of training. During your introductory training sessions we will:

  • Perform a fitness assessment to determine the proper starting point for your exercise program.

  • Take measurements and analyze current body composition in relation to goals and health risk factors.

  • Review your current nutritional habits with a Food Log Review.

  • Learn basic exercises and proper form to help prevent injury and help your body adapt to a progressive fitness program.

After completing the introductory sessions we will determine the best course of action for you and your fitness goals. Programs are offered for varying lengths of commitments with personal training sessions 1 or more times per week.  You can choose private sessions or small group sessions in which you do your individual workout with 1-2 other people working alongside you.

For more experienced exercisers, a program design only option is available. With this option, you are given a fitness program to execute on your time and in your workout location of choice.

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